will take place on Thursday 14 October 2021 from 09.00 in Esch-Belval and will be held virtually.

8.45Opening of the online event
‘The networking community (RIPE) and what we do in terms of security’
Mirjam Kühne, RIPE Chair, RIPE 
Topic: Introduction to the European network operators community and security related topics relevant to network operations
09:20‘Cleaning and Scrubbing at the Internet’s Dry Cleaners’
Jo Hoffmann, Restena Foundation
Topic: We have come to adpot cleaning as the metaphor of choice when talking about mitigating DDoS attacks. But what makes some traffic dirty while other traffic is clean? How do we clean a DDoS attack? And why is blocking a DDoS attack such a big deal?
09:35“Yes, I agree to the terms and conditions – Safer online shopping”
Steve Muller, BEE SECURE
Topic: Practical security tips for shopping and paying online.
10:05“Hope for the best – Prepare for the worst”
François-Jérôme Daniel, Joany Boutet et Anthony Riccioni, Telindus Luxembourg
Topic: A return of experience on how the Telindus-CSIRT responded against the latest Microsoft Exchange and Confluence vulnerabilities
10:35“The new training BTS Cybersecurity”
Marc Ludwig, Lycée Guillaume Kroll
Topic: The 5 Ws: insights to the curriculum for the BTS in cybersecurity
10:45“Digital credentials for graduate students at MENJE”
Serge Linckels, Ministry of Education, Children and Youth
Topic: In the flow of the digital transformation, the VET department (Service de la Formation profesionnelle) of the Ministry of Education, Children, and Youth, is part of the Europass digital credentials. In the framework of this European project, every student in Luxembourg who graduated from a VET school received his/her credential of achievement in digital form, in addition to the classical paper diploma. With this initiative, Luxembourg positioned itself as one of the early adopters of this new service that allows students to easily share their credentials with employers or universities.
11:15Michaël Hamm, Computer Incident Response Center Luxembourg (CIRCL)- SECURITYMADEIN.LU
Topic: Rogue Access Point, Keylogger and Forensics.
11:45“A safe and trusted EU cyber space for all”
Lorena Boix Alonso, European Commission
Topic: Cybersecurity, The proposal for a Joint Cyber Unit, revised NIS directive, Cybersecurity Competence Centre.
12:15Constituency building via essential services”
Eric Romang, GOVCERT.LU 
Topic: Essential services proposed by GOVCERT supporting the building its constituency
12:45“A deception experience with Microsoft Vishing campaign”
Mickaël Le Menach and Eric Chassard, POST Luxembourg
Topic: Presentation of a case where POST Luxembourg used deception in fake Microsoft vishing call campaign in order to gather intelligence about adversaries.
1:15 pmEnd